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The ultimate self-led program for women who want to grow their passive income streams AND build their property empire using the Rent to Rent strategy. 

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Rent to Rent Riches Self-Led Program

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The ultimate self-led program for women who want to create and maximise a HMO or SA portfolio, using the Rent to Rent strategy to create true financial freedom!

What's Included:
  • Instant & lifetime access to the¬†Rent to Rent Riches¬†course!
  • All the tools you need - Deal calculators, tech, contacts, letter templates, marketing brochures templates to get you results!
  • Access to bonus sessions and guest expert speakers!


Here are the modules!


  1. Rent to Rent Intro - Discover the possibilities and the scalability of using this strategy!

  2. Business Compliance - To set up and trade lawfully you will need to set up the compliance for your rent to rent business before your first unit gets over the line! Find out exactly what you need to be compliant here!
  3. SA Market Research - All the tech, tools and process to follow to find your GOLDMINE SA property and area! + BONUS: R2R Market Research tracker & management co question script
  4. HMO Market Research - Analysing supply and demand in your chosen areas in an absolute MUST to safe guard your investment decisions and ensure no room voids! Use this session to dig into the best performing areas and nail down where you want to focus on! + BONUS: HMO Market Research tracker 

  5. Finding Properties -You've done your research, you've found which type of properties are going to perform well, so now its time to find these properties!! BONUS: Agent property list!

  6. Agreements! - This session covers the type of agreement you need in place for your Rent to Rent properties! You can download the template, personalise, rebrand, and amend based on the terms you've agreed with your landlord/lady! BONUS: Company let agreement template! worth £1000!!

  7. SA Stacking Numbers! - To get the best deals you need to know how to stack your numbers! 
    This is a walkthrough and download of your R2SA deal calculator! BONUS: R2SA Deal Calculator Spreadsheet.

  8. R2HMO Stacking Numbers - Learn how to calculate a good R2HMO deal using your BONUS: R2HMO Deal Calculator Spreadsheet

  9. Getting the Deals - This is the exciting part!!! You've done all your research, you've found your area, you've stacked your numbers, now its time to get them deals over the line! BONUS: Deal winning scripts! 
    Learn how to pitch your services, and handle any questions like a BOSS! 

  10.  Working with Developers - The match made in heaven that is working with build to rent property developers! 
    Learn why its a great match, where to find them, and ways to approach them!

  11. Target developers using Nimbus Maps - I walk you through how to use nimbus maps to data scrape approved developments to target developers to work with!

  12. How to Finance Your Deals - Learn the different ways to use leverage to fund your Rent to Rent business to scale and grow further! Earning more income from less money down!

  13. How to Set Up your SA Unit - This explains how to set up your SA unit and things to think about!

  14. HMO Set Up and Management - Learn what you are to provide for your HMO tenants, how to handle viewings, referencing, and deposits process.
    BONUS: How to rent checklist

  15. HMO Legislation - The legal and ethical requirements of HMO's 

  16. Your Bulletproof Business Plan - Lets get planning!!!! Did you know you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down?!?  Just that statistic in itself should be enough to get your goals on paper! Here is a 12 month business plan template to make your achievements bulletproof!!!! BONUS: 12 Month Business Plan Download



Guest Expert BONUS sessions:

Leasing Masterclass with Claire Saunders from Cashflow Leasing - Use a tax effective way to furnish your properties so your money can go further!

Rent To Rent Design with Sammie Wale from Aben Interiors - Learn from one of the best in the business when it comes to design to maximise your returns on your properties!!


Bonus Resource Downloads!!!

  • Guarenteed rental scheme info pack¬†
  • Objection handling worksheet
  • Direct to vendor phone scripts
  • Agent phone scripts
  • Face2face agent scripts
  • Cleaning checklists
  • VA staff roles and responsibilites
  • Messaging templates

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  • Instant & lifetime access to Rent to Rent Riches - The ultimate R2R Course covering Rent to SA AND Rent to HMO's
  • All the tools, tech, spreadsheets, scripts and letter templates to shortcut your success
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  • Instant & lifetime access to Rent to Rent Riches - The ultimate R2R Course covering Rent to SA AND Rent to HMO's
  • All the tools, tech, spreadsheets, scripts and letter templates to shortcut your success