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At the heart of my academy lies a treasure trove of wisdom brought to you by industry leaders and experts. My commitment goes beyond scratching the surface; I’m here to empower you with insights that will accelerate your journey.

Guest Expert Masterclass Library

  1.  Shanelle Edwards - The Commercial Mortgage Broker

Shanelle shares her expertise on leveraging lending to supercharge your property portfolio. Discover the secrets to strategic financing and make your dreams of expansion a reality.

  1. Claire Vince - Cash Flow Leasing

Claire guides you through optimising cash flow and leasing strategies. Uncover the art of furnishing for success and turning refurbishments into cash-flowing masterpieces.

  1. Milly Belotti - Posting Property

Milly unravels the magic of social media for property investors. Learn how to position yourself online, attract investors, and become a magnetic force in the property world.

  1.  Gemma Clegg - Holistic Health Specialist

Gemma delves into the holistic perspective of success, emphasizing the importance of optimizing health for wealth. Join her for insights on balancing your well-being while building your property empire.

  1. Rebecca Barr - Money Mindset Queen

Rebecca addresses the vital aspect of money mindset. Uncover the blocks holding you back and embark on a journey towards financial empowerment and long-term success.

  1. Sammy Wale - Interior Designer and staging

Sammy's session revolves around the art of planning floor plans and maximising space for increased property value. Dive into the world of staging for SA and HMOs with tips from a design virtuoso.

  1. Ben & Dec - Creative Financing 

Explore the realms of No Money Down creative financing with Ben & Dec from the Finance Ward. Uncover innovative strategies using commercial finance, bridging loans, and more to buy property creatively.

  1.  Adam Hindley - Bookings Optimisation

Adam unveils the secrets to a booked-out calendar for your serviced accommodation or Airbnb properties. Master a marketing strategy that ensures profitability and visibility in the competitive world of short-term rentals.

  1.  Michaela Cristou - Property Tax and Accounting Specialist

Michaela guides you through the intricacies of property tax and accounting. Gain insights into bookkeeping, tax deductibles, and creative approaches to optimize your tax incentives.

  1. Sherisse Bisram - Queen of Empowerment

Sherisse takes the stage as the queen of female empowerment, offering a transformative session on unleashing your inner power. Elevate your confidence and embrace your journey with courage.

  1. Sam Carter - Wealth Management 

Sam Carter, a seasoned investor and developer, shares strategies on turning profits into tax-savvy assets. Get creative with your property business and envision a future of sustained success.

   12. Hayley Anderson-Richardson - Maximising Passive Income Streams

Hayley covers the different ways you can add further income streams to your business for diversification and even MORE wealth building! Yassss!

  13. Jacquie Lawes - Elevating Your Brand

Find out how to build a stand out personal brand for your property business. Create a magnetising brand presence to attract in investors, JV partners, landlords and/or customers.

  14. Kev Wood - How to Price Refurb Projects

Uncovering the veil on how to price up refurb projects and the red flags you need to look out for when going to viewings. Kev has vast experience in construction but also is a developer himself! He shares EXACTLY what needs consideration from a build AND investment perspective!


These experts, along with a library of sessions by other pro’s, have contributed to the Fempowered Property Academy. And you have lifetime access!!!


"I am achieving things I never thought I'd have time to achieve and with Ella in my corner I feel safe and determined to chase my dreams like never before. Thank you Ella you have truly changed my life"

- Roxanna Webb

"Every question has purpose, every session has a reinforcing challenge, she’s knowledgeable and brings everything back to being financially sound."


- Lisa Souter

"I use to be SO uncomfortable making phone calls. Now I can make them without a second thought I’ve loved working with Ella. Genuinely given me so much confidence and belief that I can make this work"

- Sammy Rowland